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Testimonials From Our Members

I was recently admitted to the American Law Society. I have found the American Law Society to be very professional as well as useful. Setting up my new website was simple and straightforward, and the resulting product looks great. The staff at American Law Society has been wonderful to work with in terms of being very knowledgeable, professional, and customer focused.

 Ronald Feick, Michigan

Jeffrey Finder and the folks at the American Law Society are first class. I’ve heard that you’re either putting in to the hat or you’re taking out. American Law Society puts in first and is always looking to add value for you, your practice, and your professional relationships.

Ian Norton, Florida

I became a lawyer because I wanted to help people overcome problems. I knew how to help them but i did not know how to find customers. Afterall I am a lawyer, a mentor, I am many things but one thing I am not an expert in is marketing. I was told to check out American Law Society because they are th experts in matching lawyers with clients. I was excepted for membership and love the exposure I have received.

Jonathan R., Virginia

Thank you AMLS for helping me with my case funding. Before I was accepted as a member I was struggling with finding both of these things for my practice. You guys made it simple for a non technical person to get these things done quickly and efficiantly.

Sue Ellen Q., New York

I have been in practice for 2 years and was struggling with the fact that I do not have alot of experience which makes it hard to obtain clients. Not only am I thankful for everything I have been able to acomplish since joining American Law Society but it has truly changed my practice. I highly reccomend this site to anyone who is a practicing lawyer.

Monica F. California

Amazing site! I am fairly internet saavy and I have found some other sites that claim to be similar to I am sorry to admit that I joined a few of these before I was accepted as a member and I was truly dissapointed. The cost to join was more than American Law Society and they did not have the level of service nor did they send me the amount of potential clients. I also LOVE the member certificate and proudly display it in my office.

James C., Illinios

Amy and Natalie have both helped me to really show my history as an attorney to the world. I can't thank you more for the way you have gotten my experience out to the world. From the press releases to reassuring words they have offered, my practice will never be the same! Thank you AMLS!

Ginger T. North Carolina

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