Lawyer Recognition

You’ve worked hard to get to where you are, now it’s time to let the world know.

Following admission into the American Law Society, members are entitled to:

  • Customizable professional profile

  • Dedicated American Law Society webpage

  • Personalized information including bio, practice areas, education, accomplishments/awards

  • Professional marketing copy*

  • Build online presence and personal brand

  • Link with your Facebook. Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube

  • Thousands of unique impressions every month from potential clients

  • Matching attorneys with inquiring potential clients

  • Invitation to Attorney and expert networking events

  • Use of American Law Society logo on approved personal marketing materials

  • Direct potential clients and inquiring viewers directly to your firm website/profile, contact phone number, or email

  • Post articles, videos and interviews related to their practice area expertise

What separates American Law Society Attorneys from the rest?

AMLS attorneys are vetted by our proprietary internal process which reviews not just one specific aspect of an attorney, but looks at all of their attributes, including:  education, entrepreneurship, work experience, accomplishments (both law school and professionally), court and bar admissions, teaching experience, etc.  Please note that newly admitted attorneys are not penalized for lack of experience.  AMLS has implemented a unique protocol and approach to building a network that ensures quality control, exclusivity, and success that directly benefits its members.

AMLS is NOT a public rating site.

Becoming a member can be accomplished by completing an initial profile submission, and may be as simple as providing your LinkedIn profile (assuming all required additional information is available there.)

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