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Dedicated to the Helping Members of Our Society Win Their Cases


     American Law Society is dedicated to the helping members of our society win their cases. We provide expert human capital on demand to attorneys in need. We make this process as seamless as possible by using technology and having vast relationships with experts across the globe. The American Law Society offers relevant attorneys access to “Experts on Demand” to assist in developing a proper legal strategy. The subject matter expertise provided by AMLS is used to overcome knowledge and information gaps by advising and providing robust pre-trial insight and preparation. Apply Now to the American Law Society

    The American Law Society team on is continually implementing solutions and adding additional expertise to our proprietary platform. Our goal is to provide a timely and effective solution for finding right expert expeditiously.

Our experts will serve as both a direct resource for on-demand guidance, and as a trusted advisor — anticipating needs and offering recommendations that help ultimately reduce the number of new unknowns and neutralize time management constraints and outcomes as collective litigation teams push to meet deadlines. Apply Now to the American Law Society

What is the American Law Society Expert Witness Service?

With lawyers and vetted subject matter experts under one roof, the American Law Society offers a unique white glove expert search and referral service. We are able to successfully connect qualified experts with lawyers seeking guidance for their upcoming cases.

How does it work?

Member lawyers can utilize the American Law Society to search for an expert search anytime using an AMLS concierge alongside our automated technology. Alternatively visitors of AMLS may apply to join the American Law Society or pay a market rate fee to access an expert on demand. Certain membership tiers include anywhere from two to five expert searches per year. These ‘searches’ use our cutting edge technology that incorporate specific geo tools and filters.

Some experts are members of AMLS and are allowed to showcase their respective areas of specialty throughout the American Law Society’s platform.

The importance and value of finding the RIGHT expert witness

Expert witnesses can help identify pitfalls and aid with the refinement of case strategy before going to trial. Avoid thorny problems by connecting with an expert. We allow your litigation support staff and legal team to work with an AMLS concierge on your behalf.

Our members often wonder how to find an expert witness with a specific medical or legal background. Our concierge’s job is to do the heavy lifting for you. We can match you with an expert witness who is highly knowledgeable and credentialed often inside of 24 hours. Our network features specialists in nearly every field domestically and abroad.

MEMBERS: If you are unable to find the expert that you need by logging into AMLS and , call or email us a request through our REQUEST FORM and we will research and vet additional experts, for your review, at no cost or obligation to you. Our expert witnesses, medical litigation support specialists and consultants do not pay to be listed. The American Law Society continuously screens and vets experts (SME’s) from around the world. We offer the most authoritative professionals from every industry imaginable. We provide you and your team with credibility and assist you in developing an effective legal strategy. Additionally we believe in transparency. Expert witness resumes and fees are presented upfront with all the information necessary to make the best tactical decisions to support your case.

What is the importance and value of AMLS white glove customer service??

We do the kind and unexpected things to how we really care about our customers taking calls after hours. Grabbing coffee shaking hands and meeting with them in person face to face.

We are dedicated to improving The American Law Society offering.
Continual refinement of technology
Continual refinement of methodology
Continual platform build-out
Growing the network
Adding functionality to our platform

Success is a result of hard work and resourcefulness. Letting AMLS’s team know you won or settled a case victory is greatly appreciated. This helps us by recognizing your victory and providing us valuable feedback for improving our service. Notify us of a victory now: (

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