Capital On Demand

Financial Constraints Should Not Prevent Justice

American Law Society offers two unique services to ensure that financial constraints do not prevent its members from succeeding on behalf of its clients:           

Litigation Funding:

  1. Obtain the necessary capital to finance protracted lawsuits. A defendant with deep pockets should not be able to avoid liability simply by using litigation stalling tactics. Litigation funding evens the playing field by providing plaintiffs with limited financial resources the necessary capital they need to fully realize a successful suit
  2. Lump-Sum Payment of Structured Settlements: For numerous reasons, defendants and insurance companies force plaintiffs to accept settlements that don’t allow them to be paid their total judgment for many years. This often leads defendants with debts that are accruing interest at greater rates than settlement payouts creating a vicious cycle. Using American Law Society services, our member attorneys can assist their clients in converting these structured settlements into lump-sum payouts so they can pay their debts today, get out from underneath their defendants thumbs and start with the rest of their lives.

Additional funding is also available from specialty finance companies available to assist with:

  • Commercial Funding
  • Appeal Funding
  • Law Firm Financing
  • Whistleblower Funding
  • Public Interest Funding

How Does American Law Society Assist?

 Combining its vast network of finance companies and its proprietary matching services, AMLS has the ability to bring financing and payout options to its members and their clients at the most competitive rates.      

Not Familiar with Litigation Funding?

 Litigation funding is a vehicle and tool designed to empower lawyers and their clients to move forward with their claims while simultaneously mitigating risk.        
  • Most funding is non-recourse so that if a case is not successful, there is no personal liability.
  • Litigation funding can help pay for legal fees, expert costs, and help manage budgets.
  • With today’s high cost of litigation, funding allows a client access to counsel that is best suited to their litigation needs.
  • Protects and deters adverse parties attempting to outspend you.
  • Enables law firms with diversified portfolios of cases to cover most or all of their fixed costs and still recover significant contingency fees.
  • Litigation funding lets you monetize or "cash out" a portion of your recent judgment, to reduce the risk and stress that it may be reversed or reduced.
  •  The American Law Society’s legal funding platform allows our members to obtain client funding for all or a portion of the legal fees of their litigation. 
  • The American Law Society is dedicated to its members success and is committed to giving them the resources they need to succeed and for justice to be served. 
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