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  • Education
  • Santa Clara University School of Law
    University of San Diego School of Law

More About Steve Hilst

Steven Hilst became a personal injury lawyer because he saw how  his work could transform the lives of severely injured accident victims or  families that have lost loved ones under tragic circumstances. 

When Hilst was  in law school, he worked for a firm that represented the interests of businesses  and corporations. He got little satisfaction from that work. But when he took  on personal injury cases, he relished the one-on-one contact he had with  clients and the precious opportunity he had to help them pick up the pieces and  get their lives back together.

Making a Difference  in People's Lives

Hilst particularly remembers a wrongful death case early on  in his career where he helped a young woman – an immigrant from India – who was  in the U.S. with her husband, an engineer. She was a still going to school and  was on a student visa when her husband was tragically killed in a parking  structure accident, which occurred as the result of a construction defect. 

"We were able to get a substantial settlement for the  woman whereby she had the financial resources to remain in the country and  complete her studies," Hilst said. "In personal injury law, you  really see first-hand how you've helped someone and how that has helped turn  their life around. You meet these people who are in horrible situations in  their life and help them get compensation and monetary support. What could be  more satisfying than that?"

Now, Hilst, who once represented corporations like insurance  companies, works for the other side. This is how he looks at it.

"If I represent the insurance companies, I'm depriving  someone of compensation and I'm essentially denying them justice," he  said. "But when I represent injured plaintiffs, I'm helping them seek and obtain  justice and fair compensation."

Fighting the Good  Fight

Hilst treats every case like it's a chess game. 

"I'm competitive, I like to win," he says. "I  look at the big picture when I come up with the strategy. I take every case  like it's going to trial. I remember at every moment that I'm standing up for  someone who would otherwise not have this chance to get justice."

It's not just about money or victories for Hilst.

"It's about treating your clients like they are your  friends or family," he says. "This is personal for me."

Hilst walks that talk when he represents accident victims  against insurance companies. He focuses on telling insurance companies his  clients' stories, by humanizing them instead of making them seem like numbers  on a page.

"I try to make the insurance company see how this  person is a human being and that his or her life matters," Hilst said.  "Hopefully, it helps insurance companies understand the person's  story."

But, when it doesn't, Hilst has never hesitated to go to all  out, take the case to court and get his clients what they rightfully deserve.

  • Education
  • Santa Clara University School of Law
    University of San Diego School of Law

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